2RS x O-Studio

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Balls

1 ¼ cups rolled oats

1 cup coconut 

1 small ripe banana, peeled

3 tbsp honey

1 tbsp tahini or nut butter

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste or extract 

Pinch of salt

50 grams dark chocolate, finely chopped


Place the oats + coconut into your processor and blend at high speed until the mixture resembles a flour consistency. Add the remaining ingredients except for the choc chips and blend until the mixture forms a dough. Stir through the choc chips. 

Use your hands to press and shape into balls. 

Broccoli Buckwheat 

Serves ~4 

Night before:

1/2 cup buckwheat, soaked overnight and thoroughly rinsed

1 broccoli head

3 large stalks kale, finely sliced

1 cup edamame beans, blanched in boiling water

1 avocado, sliced

1/3 cup pumpkin seeds, toasted and roughly chopped

1/3 cup sunflower seeds, toasted

1/2 cup goji berries or dried cranberries

Large handful mint, finely chopped

Juice of 1 lemon

Good drizzle extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt and pepper

To Serve: 

Pesto (ensure vegan and dairy-free if this is important)


Place broccoli in a food processor and blitz into small pieces.

Rinse and drain buckwheat then place in a large bowl with all the other salad ingredients. Season with salt and pepper and toss to combine.

Rosa Flanagan