The Two Raw Sisters

HELLO and WELCOME to our journal...
We are so excited to finally have this up and running!!

Most of you probably don't know us from a bar of soap, just our stupidity from our Instagram stories. So to start off,  we thought you might like to get to know the two faces behind the Two Raw Sisters a little bit more... 

Rosa Juliet Flanagan, 22


Date of Birth:
28th February 1996

Where were you born:
Christchurch, NZ


How tall are you:

Dream Job:
Anything related to helping people and wholesome food!


What frustrates you the most?


Your Favourite...

Venice beach, specifically Abbot Kenney Blvd

Family Bach in Wanaka!

Netflix Show:
Black Mirror


Guilty Pleasure:
Anything sweet I’m a sucker for!


Always in my bag: 
Food, laptop, running gear and diary


A bad habit I have:
Being late!


First thing I do in the morning:
Put my contacts in so I can see what I’m doing


A fear I have:
Stopping on a hill in the car


Currently loving on Instagram:
Anything food related


Favourite savoury food:
Roast kumara, eggplant + avocados are staples!


Favourite sweet food:
Margo’s PB, chocolate banana coconut ice cream


Favourite takeaway food:
Ripe salads in Auckland


Food I can’t stand:
Anything in a packet/can and has multiple ingredients that I wouldn’t have a clue what they are


My last meal on earth would be:
A Lebanese feast, which would include hummus, roasted cauliflower, babaganush, home-made flatbreads + a fresh cucumber, tomato, lettuce, pomegranate salad. I had exactly this last night at the amazing Germnaiyze St restaurant in Auckland.


The last thing I ate:
My new favourite takeaway, but is unfortunately in Auckland,  Ripe salads- Of course I went for the deluxe one and got 3 delicious salads. I had a chickpea, roasted eggplant, toasted almonds + roast vege, kale, red rice + quinoa, roasted apple, celery, cucumber, walnuts! Delishemo


Margo Jane Flanagan, 19


Date of Birth:
10th September 1998


Where were you born
Christchurch, NZ


How tall are you


Dream Job
Being a leader in educating the younger generations on how plant-based food is simple and easy to make. Recreating peoples love for food and cooking which has disappeared due to the modern way of living.


What frustrates you the most?
When people come home from work and say they have had SUCH A BUSY DAY… haven’t we all??


Your favourite…

Venice Beach

The festive season!

Netflix Show
Black Mirror or The Sinner

Guilty Pleasure
Eating dessert before dinner


Always in my bag
Wallet, Lucas PawPaw, a pen, my bamboo cutlery and straw and a drink bottle


Bad habit I have
Being to hard on myself


First think I do in the morning
Eat breakfast


I fear I have
Chickens. Absolutely terrify me.


Currently loving on Instagram
All my friend’s flats in Dunedin starting up food Instagram accounts, love your creations gals!!


Favourite savoury food
Roast Red Kumara 


Favourite sweet food
Hippie Lanes, Chocolate Banana PB slice


Food I can’t stand
Store bought Almond Milk, it sits on the shelf unrefrigerated for 6 months and is only meant to last 5 days. And also
McDonald’s burgers, I did an experiment on it at school once and it look 10 months for the burger to start moulding…


Favourite takeaway
Dubba Dubba


My last meal on earth would be
Van Leewen Ice Cream Sundae with Banana PB slice and Caramel Slice. 


Last thing I ate
Chocolate Tahini Bar