Our 1 Day Juice Cleanse Experience

Greenroots Juicery
Iron Man Cleanse…


#1 Wellness Shot

Woke up for my morning run feeling pretty good and excited to start the cleanse. I had the elixir shot before running and felt like it truly boosted and lifted my mood and spirt. Put a spring in my step. I love elixir shots as I love how concentrated they are and the effects are pretty instant.


#2 Choc and Wild Orange Superfood Smoothie

I’m not normally a smoothie person for breakfast but I was excited to try this. By this time, I was ready to have something but wasn’t super hungry like I normally am in the morning. I found the smoothie was delicious and was perfect amount for what I felt like. Satisfied me and my mood and stomach felt great.



#3 Sun Rise Cold-Pressed Juice

We had a meeting from 9.30-11am and before the meeting I felt a little bit hungry but during I definitely felt a sense of clarity within my thinking. However, towards 10.30-11am was when I began to feel tired and hungry. Being the first juice of the day, I didn’t realise how fast those things go down with a straw, in 30secs it was gone. After 10mins I got hungry and began to feel a little headachy and delusional.


#4 Garden City Cold-Pressed Juice

This was when I started to go down hill. My energy levels were low and I was craving chewing something. I was busy doing work after #3 so didn’t think much about it, but when I stopped I realised how shitty I felt. I think if I had a smoothie at this point I would have been a lot better for the rest of the day. They have a lot more substance than a juice, lasting me through and giving me a little bit more energy to work with. Mentally it’s also drinking something thick that makes me feel like I’m eating rather than super smooth and thin like juice.


#5 Beet Bliss Cold-Pressed Juice

Definitely the worst part of the day. My energy levels were totally depleted and I had a really bad headache and felt super dizzy. I was hanging on for #5 for quite a while and again when I had it I didn’t feel satisfied. Having a workshop in 2 hours I was considering eating food because I really needed an energy boost.


#6 Be Strong – Protein Nut Mylk

I couldn’t hold on till 6pm which was the recommended time to have #6. At this point I was about to eat my arm off. The workshop was about to start and being a smoothie it did pick me up, but it was more of a flavoured milk than smoothie with no fruit/veggies, just cashews and protein powder being the main ingredients, it didn’t give me enough to really get me going.

#7 Turmeric Tonic Probiotic Gut Tonic

At this point my energy was so low and hunger levels high, I reached that point where you don’t want to eat (suppose that was a good thing). I had a sip of #7 but I was quite over drinking liquid so I didn’t have it.
My stomach felt okay, it was good but then at the same time empty.


All and all they say the first day of the cleanse is always the hardest. It certainly was for me. Feeling crap is a good sign as it means your body is realising toxins from the body and is beginning a healing process, you have to get worse to get better in this case. Something I am very used to with my Chronic Fatigue.

I didn’t really think it through, when the right time to do it was or I wasn’t aware of the impact it would have on my body.

We have a crazy week this week with 6 workshops in a row and traveling up to Wellington which also puts extra toll on my body. So in hindsight when are you wanting to do a cleanse make sure you have no work/day-to-day stresses and can take it super easy to give your body a chance to rest and recover. You have to reciprocate it with resting otherwise, as I am experiencing now, it doesn’t do your body or you any favours.

Overall, I can see that a juice cleanse is a great way to fast track your digestive issues and get your gut on the road to recovery. I was experiencing bad bloating a few weeks before I did the cleanse and now I feel my stomach is back to normal and feels comfortable again.

If I was to do it again I would definitely do 3 days as I believe your body needs that time to recovery and I won’t finish the cleanse feeling so crap. Roomer has it that you don’t get as hungry (which I hope is true).

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Thanks to Greenroots Juicery for letting us try the cleanse!

Rosa Flanagan