Fermented Lemon Kombucha Ice Cream, Elderflower Pears + Ginger Crumble

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To celebrate October Gut Healing Month, here we encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and try a fermented dessert.

This one is truely something else…

Serves 4-6
Equipment - Ice Cream Maker + Dehydrator

Ice Cream
¾ cup cashews, soaked

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2-4 tbsp kombucha, kefir or probiotic capsule.


½ cup lemon juice

250ml coconut cream

¼ cup kombucha

1/3 cup agave

1 zest of a lemon

2 tbsp coconut sugar 

1 tsp arrowroot powder

¼ tsp salt 


1 ½ cups activated hazelnuts 

½ cup oat flour

2 tbsp coconut sugar 

4 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp ginger powder

1 tsp cardamom powder

pinch salt


½ cup agave

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp coconut sugar 

1 tbsp fresh elderflower

Poached Peaches

1 cup water

½ cup coconut sugar 

3 peaches

2 cups fresh elderflower

4 strips lemon peel


1. To make the ice-cream, blend the cashews and kombucha or probiotic capsule until smooth, and place in a bowl covered with a cheese cloth. Put bowl in the dehydrator for 24-36 hours at 46 deg C to ferment.

2. Add the fermented cashews mixture to the remaining ice-cream ingredients, and blend until smooth. Put mixture into an ice-cream maker for 60 minutes or till an ice-cream consistency is formed. Put ice-cream into a metal loaf tin, and place into the freezer for 30 to 60 minutes to firm up. If you don't have an ice-cream maker, freeze portions of the mixture into snap lock bags, and place frozen mixture in batches into a high speed blender or food processor, until it reaches a fluffy ice-cream consistency. 

3. To make the crumble, place hazelnuts in a blender and pulse into a fine flour. Mix all remaining ingredients and hazelnuts together in a bowl with your hands, till combined. Crumble onto a dehydrator sheet, and dehydrate overnight or until dry and crisp.

4. To make the syrup, mix ingredients in a glass jar and place in dehydrator for 24-36 hours till reduced into a thick syrup.

5. To make the peaches, put water and coconut sugar into a pot over medium heat, till sugar is dissolved. Add remaining poached peaches ingredients and simmer on a low heat for approximately 90 minutes. Allow to cool. 

6. To serve, scoop ice cream into bowls and top with crumble, peaches and a drizzle of syrup

Enjoy x

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