Summer Salads - 4th November

Summer Salads - 4th November


Summer Salads
Monday 4th November
6:00pm - 8:30pm
2.5hr Demonstration

Margo + Rosa are back with their famous salad workshop - this time in their new kitchen!

BRAND NEW SALADS using our beautiful local summer produce. Showing you just how cost effective and tasty vegetables can be at their peak.
These salads are an amazing way to feed a crowd or are perfect to make for quick, easy and effortless lunch/dinner during the week.
Change your perception on ‘salads’ + impress yourself, friends and family with these flavoursome creations you never thought you could make. 

This summer we are focusing on fragrant refreshing herbs, spring carrots, asparagus, flavoursome grains and beautiful yoghurts.  
Become educated and inspired today. This is a great workshop if you need lunch/dinner inspiration!

We will be making…

Bulgar wheat, caramelised onions, herb paste 

Middle eastern Spring carrots + coconut yoghurt 

Freekah tabbouleh, pickled cucumber + sumac yoghurt

Cinnamon roasted pumpkin with siracha yoghurt + herbs

Kale + grilled asparagus salad

*Demo workshops will include the following:
Drink on arrival
Recipe booklet
Samples of every recipe

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