Fermentation - 23rd July

Fermentation - 23rd July


Tuesday 23rd July
6:00pm - 8:30pm
Fermentation has been our talk of the town lately! and it forever will be because THIS IS THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE!

Multiple studies show that if you have any sort of health issue or simply lack in energy you should always start by fixing the gut. Fermented foods are becoming more and more popular within the food industry nowadays due too their high levels of pre and probiotics which are the building blocks for good gut health. However, with a price tag of $15 for a 500ml jar of kimchi buying fermented foods off the supermarket shelves can be an expensive exercise. 

Come and give your gut and back account some lovin’ by learning how to make kefir, kombucha, fermented coconut yoghurt and cultured cheeses. Plus, BYO jar to take home your own SCOBY to start your own kombucha! 
You won’t believe how cost effective and health enhancing fermented foods can be!

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