Cookbook Launch Workshop - 9th October

Cookbook Launch Workshop - 9th October


Cookbook Launch Workshop
Wednesday 9th October
6.30pm - 8:30pm

It’s finally here! Two Raw Sisters, the Cook Book.
Margo and Rosa Flanagan are on a mission to show you how easy, quick, cost effective and delicious plant-based foods can be!

The visionaries behind the Two Raw Sisters’ popular cooking workshop, are giving you the best of both worlds.
A one-off opportunity to see them demonstrate their favourite recipes in their easy-to-use debut cookbook. Get exclusive tips and tricks from the girls to help you effortlessly incorporate more plants into your diet. 

From sustaining breakfasts to fast dinners and tasty work lunches to mouth-watering treats, you’ll love the focus on seasonal produce and everyday pantry staples.

Be prepared to change your perceptions on plant-based food!

We will be making…
Apricot Bumper Bars
Broccoli Buckwheat
Raw Banana Splits
Banh Mi Bok Choy Wraps w/ Ginger Tofu Mayo

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