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Two Raw Sisters have a strong focus on educating people on how easy, sustainable, delicious, and health-enhancing plant based foods can be for them both mentally and physically.

Our Motto – ‘Changing people’s perception on plant-based foods’

There has been a steady growth on the focus of health. Individuals are becoming more aware and discerning of what they are putting into their bodies. ANZ Roy Morgan poll stated that in New Zealand there has been a 27% increase in vegetarians since 2011.

People often have the perception that plant-based foods contain expensive ingredients as well as recipes that are time consuming and difficult to make. Our workshops will provide you with the opportunity to come and learn how to make delicious, exciting and flavour packed plant-based recipes. 

Rosa and Margo Flanagan graduated from the raw plant-based culinary school- PlantLab and from early 2017 this has allowed us to expand our knowledge and has taught us new techniques and skills that are unique, giving us an added edge. Courses we completed included Culinary Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Elite Sports Nutrition, Level One Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine and Level 2 Advanced Raw Cuisine. In January 2018 we were given the opportunity to instruct a PlantLab pop-up in Sydney at the amazing Vive Cooking School. 

Rosa and Margo are continuing to develop their knowledge where we are respectively completing a Degree in Human Nutrition and a Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences, specialising in Naturopathy and Nutrition. 

Our lifestyle and health issues has also helped us develop extensive knowledge around how to best fuel and heal our own bodies. Rosa is an elite middle distance runner and has a real passion in how plant-based foods can enhance her physical sporting performance. Then Margo has been dealing with chronic fatigue, which has also lead her to develop a true interest in how to heal her body through a whole-food plant-based diet.

Get in touch with us today to learn and discover how plant-based food is far from boring! 


Changing peoples perceptions on plant-based food