About Us...

We have both personally been through multiple mental and physical health issues such as chronic fatigue syndrome, eating disorders, parasites in the gut and our dad had a stroke. We have all healed ourselves through incorporating more plants and whole, unprocessed foods into our diet. Now we want to help heal you!

We will educate, influence and inspire you on the importance of plant-based food. But most importantly how to make it a lifestyle rather than a diet.
A lot of people have a negative perception around plant- based eating, that it is really expensive, time consuming and difficult to make. With culinary experience in the raw industry (studying at world renewed raw plant-based culinary school in LA, USA) we know for sure that, it is and everything takes 12-24 hours to cook. The general person doesn’t have time to start Thursday’s dinner on Monday.

We focus on cost effective, time efficient and easy recipes that are sustainable and will nourish, fuel and power your busy body to succeed and remain healthy and happy. Our workshops, corporate/private events, catering and cookbooks will help you create a new purpose, revitalise your life and become inspired again. Have a laugh and begin a new chapter. Food is fun, exciting and delicious with us. We are REAL, everybody’s body is different so embrace that. Life would be boring if we were all the same. 

By ‘raw’ we mean another word for whole-foods, using as minimally processed foods as possible. We focus on minimising the use of nuts, seeds and superfoods, instead we focus on utilising seasonal produce. In turn, making plant-based eating a cost effective, time efficient, easy way of living.

People have lost touch with food and what it’s like to be at the peak of their wellness. They don’t get excited about plants or cooking for themselves because all they know is the boring stir-frying, boiling and steaming.
We pride ourselves on having a unique approach to plant-based living. Neither of us are vegan or vegetarian and 90% of our customer base aren’t either. With NZ being such a big meat and dairy orientated country, we feel people know how to cook meat but not fruit and vegetables in a fun, exciting and delicious way.

Basing your meal around plants and then adding your meat, dairy, fish or poultry on the side, if you choose.

Changing peoples perceptions on plant-based food